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Here you will find current and recent course syllabi for your classes. The listing goes by number and instructor's last name.

File S T S 101 - Schienke
Science, Technology, and Human Values
File S T S 200 - Schienke
Contemporary Issues in Science, Technology, and Society
File S T S 233 - Schienke
Ethics and the Design of Technology
File S T S 245 - Schienke
Globalization, Technology, and Ethics
File S T S 297 - Schienke
Engineers/Engineering in US Culture. (Summer iLEAP course.)
File S T S 300 - Schienke
Research Methods in STS. (Pilot course.)
File S T S 327 - Schienke
Society and Natural Resources. (This syllabus focused mainly on the questions of urbanization in China.)
File S T S 433 - Schienke
Technology and Ethics. This was a version of the course that was cross-listed with GEOG 493. Here we developed a cross-cultural comparison of carbon footprints with college students at Penn State and students in Bhutan.
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