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Christian Becker
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Christian Becker

  • Asst Professor of STS and Philosophy
123 Willard
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 865-3046


  1. 1999 M.A. Economics (Diplom), University of Heidelberg, Germany
  2. 2003 Ph.D. Economics (Dr.rer.pol.), University of Heidelberg, Germany
  3. 2010 Ph.D. Philosophy (Habilitation), University of Kaiserslautern, Germany



2009 – date, Assistant Professor of STS and Philosophy, The Pennsylvania State University, State College, USA

2007 – 2008, Visiting Assistant Professor for Business and Environmental Ethics, Department of Philosophy, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada

2004 – 2007, Research Fellow, Research Group Ecological Economics, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Research Interests


Environmental Ethics, Sustainability Ethics,  Business Ethics

Philosophy of Economics

Philosophy of Inter- and Transdisciplinary Research

Romanticism and German Idealism

History of Economic Thought

Selected Publications

Becker, C. (2010): Sustainability Ethics. SSRN Discussion Paper, available at

Becker, C. (2009): Logos und Wirtschaft bei Aristoteles. Ein dogmenhistorischer Beitrag zur Dis­kus­­sion des ökono­mi­schen Rationalitätsbegriffes. Archives for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy 95: 523-39.

Baumgärtner, S.; C. Becker, K. Frank, B. Müller and M. Quaas (2008): Relating the Philosophy and Practice of Eco­lo­gical Economics. The Role of Concepts, Models, and Case Studies in Inter- and Transdisciplinary Sustainability Re­­search. Ecological Economics 67: 384-93.

Lanzerath, D.; J. Mutke, W. Barthlott, S. Baumgärtner, C. Becker and T.M. Spranger (2008): Bio­diversität [Bio­di­ver­si­ty]. Alber: Freiburg.

Becker, C. (2008): Thoreau’s Economic Philosophy. European Journal of the History of Econo­mic Thought 15: 211-46

Becker, C. and F. Jöst (2007): Restructuring the Welfare State – A business ethics analysis of the ethical dilemma of eco­­­nomic proposals. Journal for Business, Economics, and Ethics 8: 126-41. (in German)

Quaas, M.; S. Baumgärtner; C. Becker; K. Frank and B. Müller (2007): Uncertainty and Sustain­ability in the Manage­ment of Rangelands. Ecological Economics 62: 251-66.

Becker, C. (2006): The Human Actor in Ecological Economics: Philosophical Approach and Re­search Perspectives. Ecological Economics 60: 17-23.

Baumgärtner, S.; C. Becker; M. Faber and R. Manstetten (2006): Relative and Absolute Scarcity of Nature. Assessing the Roles of Ecology and Economics for Biodiversity Conservation. Ecolo­gical Economics 59: 487-98.

Baumgärtner, S. and C. Becker (eds) (2005): Wissenschaftsphilosophie interdisziplinärer Umweltforschung [Philo­so­phy of Interdisciplinary Environmental Research]. Marburg: Metropolis.

Becker, C.; M. Faber; K. Hertel and R. Manstetten (2005): Malthus vs. Wordsworth: Perspecti­ves on Humankind, Nature and Economy. A Contribution to the History and the Foundations of Ecological Economics. Ecological Economics 53: 299-310.

Becker, C. and R. Manstetten (2004): Nature as a You. Novalis’ Philosophical Thought and the Modern Ecological Crisis. Environmental Values 13: 101-18.

Becker, C. (2003): Ökonomie und Natur in der Romantik [Economy and Nature in Romanticism]. Marburg: Metropolis


1999 – 2002,  Research Fellowship, Ph.D. Program of the German National Science Foundation (DFG) on Environmental and Resource Economics

2003 – 2007, “Ecological Economics – Modelling and conceptual foundation”, with Stefan Baumgärtner, University of Lüneburg, and Karin Frank, UFZ – Centre for Environmental Research Leipzig, Germany, Volkswagen-Foundation, Contribution to the proposal

2010­ – 2012, “Sustainability Ethics”, Sustainability Seed Grant Program, Penn State, PI