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The faculty of the Science Technology and Society Program produce wide ranging research on all of the important STS topics. Here are just a few examples of courses that are routinely offered that reflect the scope of STS research:

Law and Policy

“Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies” (S T S 090)

“Science, Technology, and Public Policy” (S T S 102)


History and Culture

“Introduction to Women in Science, Technology, and Society” (S T S 005)

“Science, Technology, and Culture” (S T S 100)

“Modern Science, Technology, and Human Values” (S T S 101)

“Technology and Society in American History” (S T S 151)


Ethics and Philosophy

“Introduction to Philosophy of Technology” (S T S 107)

“Ethics and the Design of Technology” (S T S 233)

“Medical and Healthcare Ethics” (S T S 432)

“Ethics in Science and Engineering” (S T S 433)

“The Interrelation of Science, Philosophy, and Religion” (S T S 435)


In addition, the STS faculty at Penn State specializes in a variety of important topics. Here are some examples of current and past course offerings:

Disability studies

“Introduction to Disability Studies in the Humanities” (S T S 202)


Climate change

“Climate Change, Energy, and Biodiversity” (S T S 201)

“The Politics of Ecological Crisis” (S T S 135)



“Wilderness, Technology, and Society” (S T S 047)

“Society and Natural Resources” (S T S 327)

“Energy and Modern Society” (S T S 420)


Food and Agriculture

“Food Facts and Fads” (S T S 105)

“World Food Problems,” (S T S 130)

“American Food System: History, Technology, and Culture” (S T S 230)

“Global Food Strategies: Problems and Prospects for Reducing World Hunger” (S T S 430)

“Community Food Security” (S T S 497G)


History of Science and Technology

“History of Science I” (S T S 122)

“History of Science II” (S T S 123)

“History of Western Medicine” (S T S 124)

“The History of Women in Science” (S T S 457)



“Globalization, Technology, and Ethics” (S T S 245)

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